Carrot Tomato Rasam

  Rasam is one of the comforting foods in every kitchen. In some parts of south, no meal is done without rasam. Instead of having a plain rasam, let us make it more healthy by adding carrot and make it a more kid friendly rasam with that hint of sweet from carrot. Ingredients Carrots peeled […]


Ask any Indian Kid for their favorite break fast item, I bet, most of them start with Poori, dosa and on goes the list. My generation had grown up on this as a favorite and now it is my kids  generation favorite too…It is amazing how recipes stay favorite as they travel generations and generations. […]

Bambino/Semiya pulihora

Simple recipes are something I so look forward during week days as they are a jiffy to make and stands top in the lunch box menu list. Feels light and energetic at work. we can have this as breakfast,Brunch,lazy/quick/light Meal. Ingredients– 1 cup Semiya (Bambino/ vermicelli) 1 big Lemon 1 tbsp salt ½ tsp turmeric […]

Veggie Manchurian

Todays recipe is my family favorite that is loved at anytime of the day and a popular party appetizer that is loved by all. After the  holiday season, I am back to my regular schedule. we have an  Indo-Chinese delight today. What we have is Veggie Manchurian, where all the veggies complement each other to […]

Dondakaaya (Tindora) Pachi mukkala pachadi

My mom taught this recipe, it is almost an instant recipe and with very little cooking and ofcourse less cooking more healthy. Most Andhra people know about Cucumber (Dosakaya mukkala) Pachadi. This recipe is of the same version. When I first heard about the recipe, I was little skeptical to try, but my mom keep […]

Brussel sprouts Stir fry

Many of us don’t know how to cook brussel sprouts till I dared to cook it today. I was little skeptical initially but gave it a shot anway and we enjoyed it very much. I usually use seasonal American vegetables during winter season, but I been little sensitive to this brussel sprouts. Every one describes […]

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  • Sour Dosa (Pulla attu)

    Sour Dosa (Pulla attu)

    There are hundreds of varieties of dosas and each has its own unique taste. Dosa in any form are my family favorite. Especially, this sour dosa (Pullattu) has a very prominent place on our table. This recipe came from generations. They are so light, crispy and just right that even kids help themselves with atleast […]

  • Shrimp (prawn) fry / Royyala Igguru

    Shrimp (prawn) fry / Royyala Igguru

    I love sea food, mainly shrimp (prawns / Royallu) and fish(with shrimp being my most favorite).  It is really hard to find fresh sea food here in US. For years I cooked using the frozen cooked shrimp but that did not satisfied me. After trying these “raw brown shell on shrimp” from sams, I never […]

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