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Vegetable Fried rice

Vegetable fried rice

In our house fried rice is a quick meal any time of the day, sometimes we eat it for breakfast/brunch on weekends and in very busy days it satisfies us at dinner time. Fried rice is my family favorite way of eating rice and vegetables. This recipe is very easy to make as the ingredients [...]

Kheema (ground lamb) fry

Kheema fry

Kheema fry is a sure favorite for every non-veg lover and my mom makes the best kheema fry with cashews coming into every bite and the fresh ground garam masala armoa invites us to dig in more. Kheema is very healthy for kids, for adults watch out the quantity (I know it is hard with [...]

Allam vankaya (Brinjal / eggplant) fry

Brinjal fry with ginger and green chilies / vankay allam vepudu

One of my family favorite “Eggplants aka Vankaya aka brinjal aka Aubergine” is a must for any special occasion, be it a simple get together or a lavish wedding, egg plant holds a very special place in south Indian community. The weather is getting quite chilly and the earthy ginger gives an extra boost. This [...]

Beerakaya (ridge gourd, turai) tomato curry

Ridge gourd tomato curry / Beerakaaya Tomato curry

I got 2 large ridge gourds aka beerakaya aka turai from my vegetable garden and they were my last crop for the season. All the leaves are changing their color to welcome fall. Today I am making a very simple and authentic curry. Beerakaya (ridge gourd) by itself has a slight sweet flavor when cooked [...]

Dosakaya paluposina curry

Cucumber with milk / Dosakaaya paluposina curry

This week end also, I did some back yard cleaning and found some yellow cucumber aka dosakayallu. I have 3 more getting ready to harvest and those will be the last for the season . This is a summer vegetable which acts as a natural cooling agent. This vegetable can be cooked in different varieties [...]

Our break fast- healthy Banana nut bread

Healthy whole wheat Banana Nut Bread

Today, we had banana nut bread for break fast which is very healthy, unbelievably simple to make and absolutely moist and delicious. Earlier, I posted a banana nut muffin recipe that comes in a much cuter packs but this is the healthiest and tastes awesome. Adding walnuts (high in omega 3) to this bread gives [...]

Goruchikkudu (cluster / guvar beans) pesarapappu (moong dal) fry

Cluster beans with moong dal / Goruchikkudu-Pesarapappu fry

This round of cluster beans will be my last crop to harvest for the season (I stored some cluster beans in freezer to use for winter) i sure miss them, But hope i can find some in the Indian groceries. Goruchikkudu aka Guvar aka Cluster beans are rich in fiber and one of the delicate [...]

Chikkudukaaya tomato with some more chikkudllu from my garden

Indian broad beans / Chikkudikaaya Tomato Curry

Weather is cooling down, we are getting ready to fall and so are all the vegetables in my back yard. This week end I spent some time in my back yard, picking up some vegetables which I consider might be my last crop for the season. I have good amount of these broad beans that [...]

Pineapple basil fried rice

Pineapple basil fried rice

For those who love Thai food, Pineapple basil Fried Rice is a well-known name, and everyone would agree that a Thai dinner is incomplete without a bowl of fragrant sweet and spicy fried rice served in a carved pineapple bowl! While you can’t always have the pineapple as a serving platter, you sure can enjoy [...]

Grill Cheese sandwich

Grill Cheese sandwich and Spicy French Fries

As the name says it all, grill cheese sandwich is a simple treat made up of two slices of bread with cheese melted in between. The sandwich may be grilled for a fancier look, but, it is mostly pan fried. Any type of cheese and any type of bread will do.The grilled cheese sandwich is [...]